dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus
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dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus
dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus

About the project

The invention of an aqualung allowed Jacque-Eve Coustoud to open the beauty of underwater world to the amazement of mankind, and create an entire industry engaged in manufacturing individual equipment for underwater swimming. A new huge market was generated, dealing with underwater marine engineering for scuba divers. dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus However, diving is a subject which is necessary to be studied persistently, seriously and for a long time in order to remain alive in an environment which is dangerous to a person. On one hand, this is costly, and on other hand, the health of a scuba diver should be very sound, and every dive should be weighted against a well thought-out risk. The depth does not excuse mistakes...

The enjoyment of seeing an enchanting show of an underwater spectacle has become the privilege of the strong and healthy representatives of the mankind. There are hundreds of thousands of such people throughout the world. However, the population of the Earth already exceeds six billion. And the overwhelming majority of the population of the Earth can not see the divine beauty of the underwater world, which is practically another new, huge world. What can help them? dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus

Specific types of "dry" small tourist underwater vehicle have been fabricated during the latest years within the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in other countries. However, all of them basically have the usual screw propulsion arrangements, which consume power of more than 2 - 5 kW from the accumulator batteries installed in these apparatus for the purpose of obtaining the speed of 2 - 3 knots (1.0 - 1.5 m/s) and maneuvering. These underwater vehicles are rather complex in terms of control and service, and they also require special preparation of divers. That is why these are not accessible to those relaxing on a resort, without the availability of a specially trained attendant. The sale price of such tourist vehicles units amounts to 100 - 200 thousand US dollars, and even higher. There have been specific attempts to create an underwater vehicle with a muscular drive of individual construction, however, those only pertaining type. Tentative models of such vehicle are being manufactured at present, mostly for the realization of sporting competitions. The design of those units is far from being perfect. These vehicles are constructed to have minimal size for the purpose of reduction of the resistance of water, and the divers with an aqualung are placed inside these vehicles filled with water, without special comfort, in a horizontal position.

Now, naturally the question arises: why is it that no underwater tourist vehicle with a muscular drive, similar to a surface bicycle, has ever been created in the world? This is due to the fact that, according to the laws of hydrodynamics, and by virtue of peculiarities of the geometry of traditional underwater vehicles, for the purpose of maintaining their motion under water at a speed of 2 - 3 knots (1 - 1.5 m/s) with the help of usual propulsion screws, and also maneuvering in vertical and horizontal planes, with the help of additional propulsors, they would have to have a propulsion capacity of about 2.5 - 5 kW. dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus

According to the well-known experimental facts, a normal person, while riding a bicycle, is capable of developing a propulsion capacity not exceeding 0.2 - 0.4 kW within a period of time of 1 - 3 hours. However, a sportsman-cyclist is capable of developing a driving capacity of up to 1.5 kW during the period of time of 10 - 15 seconds. Hence, the muscular force of two tourists-underwater voyagers - would not be enough for the provision of a movement of a traditional "UA" under water with the necessary speed and maneuvering.

Preliminary analysis of the scientific-technological and other special literature, accomplished by the developers of the UV, allow one to stipulate that no serial "water-impenetrable" ("dry") small underwater apparatuses with a muscular drive for mass use on resorts and in other possible areas of application are generally manufactured in the world at the moment. This is due to the fact that, with the traditionally mounted screw propulsors fixed on the underwater apparatuses, it would not be possible to ensure the necessary requirements for the speed of surface and underwater motion, because the capacity developed by one or two people would be limited, as it has been discussed above. At the same time, the use of the rotor propulsors, in conjunction with the realization of the Koand effect, with the UV's housing having a special geometry, developed by Russian scientists, would allow a normal person, with the help of a foot muscular drive, to provide the motion of a 2-passenger "dry" underwater apparatus with the necessary underwater speed of up to 2 - 3 knots for a long period of time of 2 to 4 hours.

Coanda effect Coanda effect assumes that if an air or water jet is blown out through a flat slot in tangential direction, this jet adheres to the surface on a comparatively large spacing from the slot. At the same time, rarefaction or thrust on the surface is generated.

Theoretical and experimental research accomplished by the developers of the UV during the last 8-10 years, as well as the awarded patents for their inventions in the field under consideration, have confirmed the possibility of creating of such an UV, as well as the world novelty of the elaborated technological solutions. The offered underwater apparatus for the development should be:

  • reliable and safe, as any surface floating means for those having a rest;
  • extremely simple in operation, practically as easy as a surface bicycle;
  • not requiring considerable physical loads for the provision of its motion, useful for health, and also ecologically safe.
dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus The market for the sales of the offered UV consists basically of two segments: these include resorts of the various countries of the world, and private buyers, these are mainly inhabitants of seaside cities and fans of underwater voyages. In addition, the various upgrades of this underwater apparatus can be used for archaeological and other kinds of research at relatively small depths, for technical survey of various underwater constructions and mains, etc.

Taking into account the fact that an overwhelming number of countries have sea borders, and hence they have resorts (with an exception of those located within northern latitudes), or otherwise, they have internal lakes and other deep-water reservoirs, it would then be reasonable to assume that the realization of such UV's would be possible, to a higher or lower extent, in all the countries of the world. The number of organized and equipped beaches of seaside cities and well-known world resorts, exceeds, at least by a factor of 5, the number of these cities and resorts. Based on the most decent estimations, there should be more than 1000 of these beaches. It means that provision of these beaches with only 10 underwater apparatuses for those having a rest, would make the quantity of no less than 10000 units.

Naturally, the number of potential individual buyers of the UV's all over the world, which buyers would be capable of independently transporting the apparatus with the help of an automobile or on a trailer, would be at least two orders higher, which creates a number of more than 1 - 1.5 millions. As the result, the potential market of sales of such underwater apparatuses would make no less than 1.0 - 1.5 million units. dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus According to preliminary marketing research completed by JSC Finwhale on request of MIT Ltd, annual demand in these products on global market is more than 100 000 units. Moreover, about 79% of potential customers prefer to have combined muscle-operated and electric drive on their UV and underwater vehicle designers considered this assumption in their design efforts. About 60% of respondents were satisfied by diving depth up to 30 meters and an average sales price to meet their expectations accounted for 28,600 US dollars. With reference to above annual volume of UV production, the volume of production will be at least 286,0 M. US dollars. Besides according to MIT Ltd estimates, profitability of UV manufacture will be over 119%.

dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus Nowadays, small many-placed tourist submarines are being operated at world resorts, basically available from the USA, Canada and France manufacturers, and designed for the number of passengers of 20 - 40 people and with a specially trained crew. The average price of such a submarine (without a support ship or a floating dock) consists of 2 - 3 million US dollars, and the price of the ticket for one passenger for an hour is equal to about 100 - 200 US dollars. This means that in the case where the offered UV is given for lease to two people having a rest, at a price of 502 = 100 US dollars per hour, and the operation of such UV is ensured for at least 4 hours a day, it would formally be paid back already in 72 days. With the account of the charges borne by the owner of a leasing base on the maintenance, and payments to the observers, one can assert that the pay-back period of the UV would not exceed 3 - 4 months.
Of course, for private buyers the question of the pay-back period is not meaningful. For a private buyer, it would be necessary to ensure appropriate comfort and reliability of operation at an acceptable price, as well as the convenience of delivery of the UV to a coast.

Different mockups of water-tight tourist underwater vehicle with muscle-operated and combined drive, full-scale models including, which have been designed by Morinnotekh in 2003 were demonstrated in Saint-Petersburg on Shipbuilding, Offshore Exhibition "Neva - 2003", as well as in 2004 on Exhibition - Congress Investments, Innovations - HI-TECH-2004 and in 2005 on International Maritime Defence Show - 2005, Shipbuilding, Offshore Exhibition Neva 2005 and International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "New Time - 2005". Underwater vehicle displayed on all these exhibitions was awarded with diplomas and gold medals.

Representative Office Rosoboronexport in North-West Federal Region actively contributes in promotion of "Blue Space" innovation project in Europe, Middle East and South America under direct support of Malychev P.V, the office Head. Pursuant to contractual relations between OOO Morinnotekh and Ruco Tech Co.Ltd company from South Korea, this Project is presented in South Korea, China and Japan by Mr.Jung Chun Ho, president of OOO Russia-Korea Technology company.

We hope that our project meets your interest. By filling in the questionnaire located in this site, you assist in promoting study of the sea depths to millions of people of our planet. Thank you for your attention to our project!
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dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus
dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus
dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus
dry multipurpose small muscular-driven underwater apparatus