Innovation project questionnaire

1. Your location:
2. In your opinion, which UWV model is the most advantageous: with muscle drive
with combined drive
3. Which additional functions of UWV will be of interest to you: available "mechanical" arm
TV- and photo shooting
metal detector
lighting equipment
4. Which sphere will be interested for you to use this vehicle: industrial
scientific & research
5. What diving depth is of interest to you: up to 20 m
up to 30 m
over 30 m
6. In your opinion, what retail price of this vehicle is reasonable: 25000 USD
30000 USD
40000 USD
7. What number of UWV you can purchase during 1 year: 1 unit
5 units
10 units
8. Would you like to acquire shares of the company for production of this underwater vehicle (to become a shareholder)? Yes